Steampunk University

Confused about steampunk or have a friend that is?  It's entirely understandable.  It is a much misunderstood genre and has grown into an even more misunderstood subculture.  In the course of working on Steamcon, we have had a lot of opportunity to accumulate knowledge and we'd be happy to share it with you... free of charge!  We will be talking about how it all started, why people wear goggles, how to find great clothing and lots more.  This is a great chance for those new to steampunk to get their feet wet.  If you decide you like what you see, then you can go to our store, shop the various merchants and maybe even decide to go to Steamcon in October.


12:00  Introduction to Steampunk - Diana Vick

1:00    Steampunk Attire - Liz Spain

2:00    Prop Making - Tony Hicks & Sean Forbes

3:00    Leather Working - Mac McGowan & Dana DeWyk

4:00    Steampunk Music - Jordan Block