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Professor Elemental

Professor Elemental has created a unique neo-Victorian blend of hip hop and comedy, and is the man behind the world’s first steampunk rap album. His music charts subjects such as steam-powered flight, underwater discovery, and nice cups of tea. With a heart of brass and a pair of goggles, he embodies the Victorian spirit of invention and exploration. His act has gone like clockwork at events and music festivals around the world including White Mischief, the Steampunk Worlds fair and The San Francisco Edwardian Ball. He was recently awarded Best Musical Act in the Brighton fringe as well as winning the award for ‘Greatest living eccentric and ‘most Eccentric artist’.

Aside from a few of his experiments (best left unmentioned), the Professor first got himself noticed with the track Cup of Brown Joy. The video, which has notched up over 2 million views on YouTube. Known for his outlandish live shows and delightful knees, he regularly appears around the world, dancing about like a loon.


Brian Kesinger

Brian Kesinger has loved to draw every since he could remember. Being a child of the eighties he was fed a steady diet of all things Disney, Star Wars and comic books  by two nurturing parents who, musicians themselves knew of the importance of have art in one's life. at just 18 years old Brian was hired to work for Walt Disney animation studios on the film Tarzan in 1996. Since then he has worn many hats within the animation industry. From layout artist and visual development Brian is an Annie award winning story artist whose most recent work includes the academy award nominated film Wreck It Ralph, which he also lends his voice talents to as well as the character, "Cy-borg".

Recently Brian’s personal art has been gaining popularity online and within the steampunk community. His steampunk art celebrates Victorian fashion and beauty with a dash of geekiness. His original tea girls became known not just for their beauty but also for the fact that they were painted with different flavors of tea. From there came the birth of a popular duo, a domesticated cephalopod and the green haired girl who loves him, Otto and Victoria. It is still unclear who takes care of who but these two's adventures have captured the public's imagination and has inspired fan art, cosplay and even tattoos.

Brian's inspiration is drawn from his wife and two children and he hopes to inspire others with his commitment to make himself not just the best artist he can be but the best person he can be as well.


 S. M. Stirling

Stephen Michael Stirling is a versatile author specializing in “What if.”
“What if Mars and Venus were inhabited, like Burroughs said?” 
“What if I sent a part of the USA back to the time of Achilles?”
“What if a meteor strike fell on Queen Victoria’s world?”
Thus was born Peshawar Lancers, set in an India that never was.  Scientific advances stalled after the 1878 meteor strike and only slowly came back.  Now in 2025, large silk and bamboo airships ply the skies over India and in Srinagar, the new Oxford, a Babbage engine is programmed by high status clerks wearing top hats.
This novel carries us through a fast paced story of The Great Game. The cast of royals, scientists, seers, soldiers and spies play hide and seek in cities, desserts and in the air.  Sword fights on trains and in airships end with a genuine cliff hanger.
Stirling was born in 1953 in France to Canadian parents and spent his childhood and teen years wandering Europe, Canada, Africa and the US.  He practiced law before deciding that telling stories was better than defending them.  In 1986 he met and wooed Janet Moore at successive World Fantasy Conventions and married her in 1988. They emigrated from Toronto to Santa Fe, NM and became American citizens in 2004.  He has authored a number of books in the Alternate History of post-apocalyptic fiction. 
High on the list of best-sellers is his Dies the Fire books with a pre-steam premise.  His Island in the Sea of Time series launched him into best-seller-dom.  His charming Lords of Creation series honors the opus of Edgar Rice Burroughs, and he explores the vampire meme in his Taint in the Blood trilogy; a distinct twist on vampire romance.
Currently he lives with Janet and the compulsory authorial cats.