Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is steampunk?
    Steampunk is Victorian science fiction in a nutshell, but that is the simplistic answer.  The complete answer is much more complicated and in some debate.  A longer answer might be: it is the future as viewed through the eyes of the Victorians as written by modern authors.   Most will agree that it is airships, submersibles and mad scientists with fantastical inventions in the era of steam technology. It is the romance and excitement of a period in history when people still believed in optimism, ornamentation and manners. It is Steamcon's focus and raison d’etre.
  2. What made you decide to hold Steamcon V?
    The first four Steamcons were quite successful. Not satisfied with that, we wanted to try and do something bigger and better this year. Our theme for this year; Around the World is sure to inspire plenty of costumes and discourse. We hope to see you all in October.
  3. I've registered for Steamcon V, but I never received anything in the mail.
    Steamcon V memberships are on a "will call basis." When you arrive at the convention, go to the registration table on the second floor of the Hyatt and show them your ID to pick up your badge. You will need official ID that matches the name you registered with in order to pick up your badge, so it is important that you use your legal name to register. Also, when you register, use an email that you regularly use and remember which one it is. We will use this to find you.
  4. I had a problem registering for the convention.
    You will want to send the complete details of your experience to registration@steamcon.org , and our helpful minions will assist you.  Please be aware that online registration is now closed.
  5. Why are there no one day memberships offered on the website?
    One day memberships will only be available at the door of the convention on the day they are good for.  
  6. What is a “patron” level membership?
    The patron level membership is intended as a way for you to help Steamcon by providing much needed capital in the initial stages of our convention process. A portion of your contribution is tax deductible, and will set you apart from the general membership. Rank has its privileges of course, so you will receive a special exclusive gift as our thanks, as well as an opportunity to purchase special event tickets early, early seating for those events, entry to the Green Room and any other perks we can bestow throughout the Steamcon V weekend. There will be a special reception on Friday evening for patrons with our participants in the Art Exhibition.  Patron level membership sales end on October 15th.  They are NOT available at the door. 
  7. When will the schedule of events be posted?
    The schedule is up.  Click on the "Programming" tab to the left.   
  8. Is there a separate charge for the Airship Awards Banquet, Saturday and Sunday Tea Parties, and Saturday Night Concert, and when can I buy my tickets?
      Yes, there is a separate charge for those events to ensure that those with tickets can be accommodated and to pay for the catered events.  We don't want everyone to pay for something that not everyone can attend. 

    Tickets to the special events, except the Banquet will be available at the convention, to a limited degree, so buy early.  If you purchased online in advance, you will pick up the actual tickets will be at the will call table at the convention. Online ticket sales will end October 14th, Tea and concert which will be available at the convention, but Tea ticket amounts will be limited.  

  9. Where can I get Steamcon merchandise to show my support?
    You may purchase Steamcon I, II, III, IV & V merchandise in our online Zazzle shop: http://www.zazzle.com/steamcon*  This merchandise is special pre-convention promotional material and will not be available at the convention itself.  At the convention, there will be an official t-shirt, pin and other memorabilia available at our merchandise booth. Those items will only be available at the convention and nowhere else.
  10. How do I apply to be a Merchant in the Grand Mercantile?
    ur Grand Mercantile is now full.  We thank everyone that applied and regret that we cannot accomodate you all.  Applications for 2014 will be begin in April next year.
  11. How do I apply to display my art in the Art Exhibition?
    Applications for our Art Exhibition are currently open.  Click on the tab on the left.
  12. How do I participate in Artists’ Alley?
    Our Artists Alley is now full.  We thank everyone that applied and regret that we cannot accomodate you all.  Applications for 2014 will be begin in April next year.
  13. I think I’d make a good speaker/or I have an idea for a talk or presentation at Steamcon. What do I do?
    Programming is closed for this year.  Thank you.
  14. My band wants to play Steamcon.
    Our musical lineup for this year is full.  If you have any questions you may email  music@steamcon.org.    
  15. How can I volunteer to help with Steamcon?
    Kindly email our volunteer coordinator at volunteers@steamcon.org .  Alternatively, you can always let us know your desire to help out at the convention itself and we will happily put you to work.  The volunteer room is on the third floor of the Cascade Tower to the right. 
  16. Why did you move the convention to the Hyatt Regency?
    Frankly, we out grew the Marriott in our first year. We added the Hilton for the second year, but when we began planning the third year, back in 2009, we realized that we would want to consolidate into one large hotel that would give us room for growth. The Hyatt is huge and very lovely. It is also in the middle of a great area, for food, shopping and entertainment. We think that we will be very happy there for years to come.
  17. How do I make reservations at the Hyatt?
    Use this link to make a reservation. The special rate ended on October 10th, but you can still get a room at the regular rate.
  18. What is the parking situation at the Hyatt?
    Parking in the underground parking lot is free from Friday evening until Sunday evening, whether you are a guest of the hotel or not.  Other times the rate is $25.00 for self parking and $29.00 for valet per day. 
  19. How do I get there?
    There are instructions on our hotel page. LINK
  20. What is your policy on weapons?
    Being that we are all reasonable adults, the policy is that common sense should reign. No weapons that would be easily mistaken for a real and dangerous weapon. No live steel, i.e. drawn swords or blades of any kind. No brandishing a weapon, about in a threatening manner. No projectiles of any kind may be thrown or shot or you will be asked to leave.  You must obey the laws of the city of Bellevue and the rules of the Hyatt Hotel.  Please be polite. If following these simple rules is an issue, we will ask you to please leave the weapons in your hotel room or vehicle. If that is an issue, you will be asked to depart the convention. We do suggest that you refrain from carrying your weaponry out of the convention space to avoid any misunderstandings.
  21. Should I dress up for the convention?
    While it is entirely up to you whether you dress for the occasion, it is my belief that one should always take an opportunity to be stylish in good company. Last year's event was resplendent with folks in all manners of steampunk attire. I believe it was the highest ratio of well dressed people I have ever seen at a convention. So, you may want to join in the fun. Of course there's always our Grand Mercantile if you still need something to wear at the last minute.
  22. What if I don't have period Victorian clothing?
    As I always say, "steampunk needs historical accuracy like a dirigible needs a goldfish." One can get away with some amount of anachronism in steampunk; after all it is altered history. And some of us have time machines. ;) You might go read this article for inspiration: http://www.squidoo.com/dressingsteampunk
  23. Inspiration for “Around the World”?  For inspiration about our theme this year, check out our Pinterest page here.
  24. What is the physical mailing address for Steamcon?
    The mailing address for Steamcon is :
      1111 East Madison St.
      Seattle, WA 98122
  25. Do you have a code of conduct?  Yes.  It was published in our program book.  It can also be found here. 

For further information you might want to join any one of our Steamcon social communities. If you would like to exchange ideas with other attendees, we have set up a Facebook group for just that.  SteamconstituentsYou may also email us directly at info@steamcon.org.